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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Chess for Tigers: Underway

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I have started reading Chess for Tigers. The results of the poll were a tie and Mastering Chess Strategy will be read in the New Year.

I have started reading this book and am enjoying it already! I am currently working at the London Chess Classic (www.londonchessclassic) every day so don't really have much chance to read at the moment, but I have it in my bag each day for the commute.

I will do a chapter by chapter analysis once I get a chance. In the meantime, here is the proof I have been reading... :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sponsored Chess Read - Raise Money for Junior Chess!!!

Sponsored Chess Read

Those who know me as a chess player know that I am notorious for being lazy. I have never read a book, never watched a DVD, never had proper coaching. I just don’t have the determination or drive to pick up a book and just study the game. It is the complete opposite of me as a chess coach. I do hours of research into the best teaching methods, invent mini games, write my own teaching materials and dedicate most of my life to teaching people how to play chess. 

I have spent many years trying to give back to junior chess, in the form of coaching and running tournaments and other events. There always seems to be a common problem, however – money. There never seems to be enough of it! The reasons why many enthusiastic and fantastic people in the chess world cannot provide the services they want is because of the lack of funds. Therefore I am attempting to find a way to fix this problem, whilst actually kicking me into gear and stop me being such a lazy bones... a sponsored book read!

The Chevannes Chess Academy currently has a sponsorship fund which helps to raise money to support those who are less fortunate. We help to fund the fees for going to chess tournaments or have coaching. At the moment, the CCA donates 10% of all profits made at their events plus receives generous donations from supporters of the academy. The fund has a modest value at the moment but has still managed to help several children. I envisage that this venture should help raise a substantial amount to make a difference.

How it works:

Each person will donate at least £1 to the sponsorship fund on the basis that I read (and study!) a complete chess book by a certain date. All sponsors will have the chance to test me after the final date to ensure that I have read and understood all material in the book. Should I fail the task, all money will be returned to each sponsor and I myself will have to match the donation! Therefore, the sponsorship fund will guarantee to receive donations for each period. 

The initial sponsored read will be an easier one for me, to ease me in! You need to give me a chance! 
Therefore I am proposing a very short time frame – 19th November 2011 until 31st December 2011. Then it will be a new book for the new year :)

I am creating a poll so anyone can vote the first book to be read. There will be a choice from 5 and I have started off with some absolute classics, so please vote. The poll will close at midnight on 18th November and the book with the highest votes will be the one chosen. 

I hope that this sponsored read will help support junior chess substantially and help me pick up more chess knowledge so I can continue coaching juniors effectively. Also, all sponsors will be added to the CCA Hall of Fame !

For ease of donation, please use the donate button below, or transfer money to the Sponsorship Account via BACS:

Name: Chevannes Chess Academy No 2 Account
Sort Code: 40-07-04
Acc No: 52104180

Wish me luck :)